Founded in 1989 with a vision of being a strong, national voice for civilian governance of policing, the CAPG has since grown to represent over 75% of municipal police services in Canada. Our mission is to work collaboratively and proactively with members and partners to enhance civilian governance of policing in Canada..

First Nations policing authorities make up 10% of CAPG’s membership and we work with these members to advocate for the improvement of aboriginal policing in Canada. Working with our First Nations partners, we have supported motions to draft legislation to recognize and fund First Nations policing as an essential service, as well as advocated that wage, pension and benefits parity comparable to all police services/agencies across Canada be developed for First Nations policing services.

The purpose of this website is to provide information and resources on First Nations policing and police governance. We hope to provide a forum for learning, sharing of best practices, policies and research in trends that increase effectiveness of policing.